Wednesday, August 20, 2008

As noted on my Unknown Bridges blog page, I received word from the Woodson Art Museum this morning that the collections committee has met and overwhelmingly opted to add this work, In the Summer, In the City, to the permanent collection at the museum. I am most pleased to have this work join several other pieces of mine in the collections at the Woodson and thank, again, all at the Woodson who helped to spotlight my work over these last two months.

The ideas formulated and defined in the body of work included in this exhibition, have prompted me, as I have mentioned in earlier postings here, to take a look at where I am as an artist at this moment and to think about where I might find myself a year from now or two years from now.

In recent weeks and months, I have 'taken stock' of the ideas and inspirations that have moved from my mind's eye, through my finger tips and out and onto my drawing board and have noted some shifts of focus in my work. As I have also said before, I feel strongly that as an artist, one must see these shifts as a means of moving on, as a defining moment in a career, as point of departure from what might have come before to what might grow in the future.

I have no clear idea as to what sort of direction my work might or might not move in over the course of the coming months, but one thing I do know is that the creative energies that motivated me during the course of working on the pieces for this exhibition over the last four plus years, will of natural necessity, show me the way in which I will, I hope, grow as an artist and find new ways of exploring my view of the world.

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