Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Those 'in the know', realize that at this time of year, early on in May, there are many artists who anxiously await their mail delivery each day after the first week in May. Why you say? Well, it is because we are looking for a particular envelope. My particular envelope arrived late yesterday and I am pleased to say that it was the BIG envelope!

'The Lace Curtain' was juried into this year's Birds in Art exhibition at the Woodson Art Museum and I am once again, most honored and delighted to have my work be a part of this outstanding annual event. If memory serves, I believe this will be my 17th year of inclusion in Birds in Art and I will look forward to returning to Wausau in early September for the opening weekend festivities.

With the opening of my solo exhibition, Unknown Bridges with the Woodson, just around the corner, I will get to visit Wausau twice this year!

Birds in Art opens on September 6th and runs through early November in that beautiful upper Midwestern city, so if you are planning to be in the area of north central Wisconsin any time during the fall, stop into the Woodson and see the exhibition which will host works from artists from all across the globe.

And, congratulations to my artist friends who also made the cut this time around and to those who did not . . . you will be missed in Wausau come this September.


naturegirl said...

WOOHOO!!!! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry,
Now I know that if I get the "little envelope" again next year, I'm sunk again!
I've sent work for the past two years and VERY much want to be part of this group of people who SO capture what birds are all about. Such a good show!
I hope to meet you there next year-I've followed your work and you have such a special slant of your own-not just that you use black and white, it's WHAT and WHO you include in you frames.
THanks for being who you are,

John said...

CONGRATULATIONS Terry!!! You deserve it.I love that piece.

Carel Brest van Kempen said...

Congratulations, Terry! Well deserved!

Jennie Norris said...

Terry, Congratulations on the big envelope!! I love the final piece in the bridge series ... kept checking back and was surprised to see a person in there. Very nice.
Sorry to here about your cameras getting stolen, but looks like things are looking up. : )

Terry Miller said...

Thanks all, for your congrats. Even after so many years of being juried in, it is still quite a kick to get that big envelope.

Adele said...

Good on ya! Congratulations. Great piece.