Saturday, May 24, 2008

A short time ago, I received an email from someone who has been looking in on this blog for a bit, asking about my pencils and paper and such. I was going to refer this person to my blog archive as I remember posting tons of information about these very subjects way back almost when this blog began. Unfortunately, when I opened up my blog page and looked at the archive listing, going back to the very first postings that I could get to, I realized that about a year or more worth of postings was gone. I don't know if there is a time limit on postings or if there is a certain amount of postings that can be stored, but whatever the case, it became apparent to me that those early postings are no longer.

So, with that in mind, and after I sent a lengthy email response to the person who had contacted me in answer to her questions, I thought that I should probably repost something regarding the pencils I use to do what it is that I do!

Here then, is a recent shot of my drawing board, the same that I sent to my questioner, showing my little pencil box with some of the pencils that I use pretty consistently on a work. You will notice that I use both standard, wood encased pencils as well as drafting lead holders. This is because in each of the primary grades of graphite that I use and that make up the bulk of any given work, I generally have a wood encased pencil in that grade, for example a 2H, and I also have a drafting lead holder with the same value of 2H. I do this because I generally make use of the drafting lead as my sharper pointed pencil while, usually, the wood encased pencil of that given grade has a blunted tip to it .... these two different 'tips' do different things for me in a work; the sharper tip giving me crisp lines for outlining and tight detail while the blunted tip offers a softer blending aspect to things and I use it for large even toned areas of a work, such as sky or clouds or water when a more even tone is required. These blunt tips also, when used to overlayer a darker area, will even out any variations in the softer grades of graphite, like the Bs or even HB.

OK, I think that is enough of a mini lesson for today! I hope all will enjoy a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend.

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