Saturday, March 01, 2008

'The Waiting Game'

No, I have not been hibernating this past week, though with the end of February chill still in the air it might have been nice to have done just that! I have been working on this piece, which was a surprise for my good friend and fine, fine artist, Paula Waterman. This is a portrait of one of her dogs, Flash, and of course, will be one of the works going to the bridge show at the Woodson this summer. I did not post in progress images, as it was a surprise for her and she was indeed, surprised, when I delivered the finished work yesterday. The image size is 10" x 13".

Over the course of the next month, I will be posting all the newly completed works for the summer show on the Unknown Bridges blog, so check over there once a week or so to see the final six works that will, ultimately, make up the 28 piece exhibition.

The museum and I have been in conversation in the last couple of weeks and it looks like I will be going up to Wausau at the end of June for the opening weekend. There will be a reception for museum members and special guests on the evening of June 27th and then the public opening on Saturday, the 28th. On that day, I will be doing a drawing workshop in conjunction with the museum and then on Sunday the 29th, I will be presenting a lecture on design elements and composition in art.

As those who have been long time readers of this blog will know, working out a well balanced composition is, for me, often the most fun and best part of being an artist. I am very excited about the prospect of sharing my joy in the 'art' of making art with others and look forward to revising a lecture I presented some years ago on the very same topic when I did a residency at a museum outside of New York City. Having the opportunity to talk to those who may not have an awareness of why a good piece of art is a good piece of art, and what exactly to look for when seeing art hanging in museums or galleries, will be a fun task!

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Sandi said...

This is an amazing and warm work of art. Since we missed the work-in-progress, could you possibly post a close-up view of the dog and bicycle? I would sure like to see how you got so much detail in such a relatively small amount of space!