Thursday, February 07, 2008

Those who are astute observers of this blog, and those who pay attention to these sorts of things, might have noticed some recent additions to the links list here. I have just added a link to a new blog page I have opened regarding my summer exhibition with the Woodson Museum. Unknown Bridges, will show over the next couple of months, all of the works that will be included in the upcoming exhbition. I decided to do this so the entire body of work would be available to be seen on its own, without 'interruption' from other works!

You might also have noticed links to several new artist pages, among them, Adele Earnshaw, Johnny Mullane and Victoria Wilson-Schultz. Adele is a long time friend and an artist whose work I have respected and admired for many years. She has, just within the last year or so, started to paint in oil from her previous years as a watercolorist and I am delighted that she has joined the ranks of we artist bloggers.

Johnny Mullane is also an artist whose work I respect very much and I actually have a piece of his in my small, personal collection (as do I have several of Adele's as well). His figurative work is simply sublime! Check it out.

And then there is Victoria Wilson-Schultz. I've know her work for quite a few years also and am pleased to say that she is represented in my personal collection as well. Her pastel work is wonderful!

I am so glad to see more and more of my fellow artist friends starting to blog as it is a way for me to see what they are doing when I don't get to see them in person but maybe once a year. And it also gives others a chance to see some really wonderful work.


Sandi said...

Your bridges are a tour de force. Each one is spectacular in it's own right, but as a collection, they are all the more impressive.
What an amazing accomplishment!

I admire your talent, perseverance, and discipline.


Terry Miller said...

Hey Sandi,
Thank you for your very kind words regarding the bridge project. It certainly has been a true labor of love for me, even with occassional stumbles. I am anxious to complete the last eight or nine works over these next couple of months and hope you will look in on the bridge page to check them out. I feel those yet to come, may be the best of the crop!

Johnny said...

Thank you for stopping by. Your work has always inspired me. The bridge collection is FRIGGIN AMAZING!!!

All the best with your upcoming shows.