Friday, January 18, 2008

'The Lace Curtain'

Finished up last night . . . this work is 11" square.


John Mullane said...

Hey Terry,

Happy New Year!

Love the last two. " End Of The Line" looks like the view from my gym, which is situated next to an El in "Da Bronx". " The Lace Curtain" is really beautiful.

Take care,

Terry Miller said...

Hey Johnny!
Thanks for the kind words. Hope you are doing well and a Happy New Year to you as well. Long time no see!
Speaking of the 'el' in Da Bronx . . . you might be interested in the piece that I am working on just now. I will post some in progress shots as work gets to a point where there is something to see. This one is going to be, I think, the 'big deal' for this summer's Woodson exhibition and I will just bet you might recognize the location. (wink)