Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another slight divergence off the path today as I want to spotlight an artist whose work I have been enjoying for about eight or nine months now; not in the flesh so to speak, but virtually, on line. I 'discovered' his works on a group web site . . . http://www.dailypainters.com/ . . . back then and have been enthralled with his work since. I love his compositional take on things and since I spoke yesterday of the photorealists, I thought talking about Stephen Magsig today would be a good follow up.

I think his work fits right in with that of the likes of Estes and Goings, with his focus on detail and interesting view points, reflection and light and shadow. I was first taken with his daily paintings, small, post card sized works seen on the group site and also on his blog - http://myartspage.blogspot.com/. Then, I dug further and found links to several of the galleries that carry his work and found larger scale, more detailed paintings of New York City street scenes and was further blown away.

As an artist, it really excites me to see other artists focusing on similar subject ideas and compositional designs. The fact that Magsig and I are contemporary in age is also an interesting 'connection'. I am really taken with his choice of view, especially in his daily painting works where he seems to find some small detail in the grander scheme of his subject to focus in on, exploiting the minute possibilities and giving us a view that might otherwise be overlooked in passing. I guess that is something that I often try to do in my work as well and so I am naturally 'drawn' to others who see the world in a similar fashion.

And then there is the way he uses light and shadow and textural differences, bringing the viewer in close enough to almost see his subjects in abstraction, but again doing so within the confines of a figurative approach.

I just might have to break down, one of these days, and bid on one of his small scale, daily paintings!

I promise to post what is going on on my drawing board tomorrow!

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naturegirl said...

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing artist's site. I was just mesmerized by his work.