Wednesday, December 12, 2007

'Little Boy, Blue'

Today, I am posting a work that was completed last summer, one of the pieces that will be part of next summer's solo with the Woodson Museum, 'Unknown Bridges'. I want to thank my friend and a fine, fine artist, Matthew Hillier, for posting this image on his newly created blog (which I have linked to recently); a portrait really of his and his wife, Julia Rogers (also a most accomplished artist) young son, Paddy. I had a fun time last summer doing this work as a surprise for them, a sort of house warming gift for their recent move to the eastern shore of Maryland from the 'mainland'. I had not posted this work earlier as I did not want to spoil the surprise, but since Matt has uploaded the image to his blog, I thought it was time for me to post it here as well. The bridge is an old wooden bridge which is just up the road from their house and I understand a bridge that will soon be replaced by a new, concrete structure . . . how unfortunate that this old gem will disappear.

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Anonymous said...

We treasure our drawing. Forever thankful. Love, Matt and Julia