Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yet another week has passed and I have still not begun work in the studio. The drawing board is set up, the lights are positioned and I actually have unpacked much of my reference material. No excuses, just busy doing other things . . . like unpacking all my frames!

You never know how much you have amassed until you move! I had no idea I was the proud owner of so many frames until I packed them all up and began unpacking them this past weekend. Most have found a home in the basement, where I am sure they are going to reside in the long run, but there are still several boxes of them in the studio waiting for a space on the shelves! As you, no doubt, can tell from the accompanying photo of the shelves in the basement that are overflowing with frames of all shapes, sizes and descriptions, I have a lot of work to do to fill them up! I have promised myself that I will not even think of buying a frame for the remainder of this year. Not having counted what I have in inventory, I have no doubt that I could easily work for the next year or more and not fill every single one of the frames I have on hand.

So, that task, filling up all those frames with works of art, shall begin soon! In the meantime, does anyone need a 9" x 12" frame or two, or three, or four . . . ?

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