Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My friend, Lyn St. Clair, brushed this wonderful work for her contribution to the exhibition, American Coots swim gracefully.

Kerri Burnett, with whom I enjoyed the artist luncheon on Friday afternoon, did this fine work, another of my favorite pieces in the show. These are also American Coots.

Another of my favorite works, this one by Kenn Backhaus, shows some resting Common Eiders in a very atmospheric oil that I could not stop going back to.

Louise Peterson, a transplanted Brit who now resides in Colorado, shaped this great, Great Dane after her own Nandi. The little Chickadee added just the 'right stuff' for inclusion in Birds in Art!

Bart Walter and Louise, both fine bronze workers, chat in the gallery.

'Sanctuary', is Bart's work, a nice melding of shapes, forms, and the contrast of the man-made and organic.

A wonderfully humorous and splashy work by Dutch artist, Dirk Moerbeek, one of the larger canvases in the exhibition. The bronze in the foreground is by Tony Angell, another of the Woodson's Master Wildlife Artists (awarded in 2001), entitled 'Raven Icon'.

Pete Zaluzec, left and Mark Eberhard chatting.

Pete's creation, a Bateleur Eagle, one of several species of African raptor and I might add, one of Pete's best works, in my humble opinion.

This is Mark's work, an outstanding piece that is emblematic of his graphic style of painting.

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