Thursday, March 09, 2006

Work progressing slowly but surely on this one. I have been revisiting works of the Dutch Masters lately, and marveling anew, at their glorious way of describing light and shadow and trying, in my own little way, to incorporate some of those ideas into this piece, how ever so slightly that might be. There are a lot of subtilities in this work as well, something which I enjoy doing as an artist, as well as bringing in many textural contrasts into the work. Texture is one of the elements of composition and design that those of us working in black and white mediums should make good use of, in my estimation at any rate. Striving to show dimension, depth, and differing surface planes, textural change can accomplish that. Since most of the area of this work is indicated by the background wall, I am tryiing to 'use' that space to good advantage to help move the viewers eye through and around the work. We shall see, when all is said and done, if I accomplish any of this!

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