Thursday, July 14, 2005

Well, the first day of filming went off pretty well today. The two man camera crew drove down from New York this morning and arrived shortly after David Wirth (, the artist/host of the program, knocked on my door. Before I knew it, lights, camera . . . action! We spent about five hours total, filming in the studio today, conversing about art and Africa and composition and creative influences and much else. It all seemed to go by very easily and I will be anxious to see how it all gets edited together. Colby Gaines and Ofer Zimchi, the camera guys, took turns with set ups to capture some of my finished work, as well as running the 'two shot' angles. Wow, I am now even talking like a TV producer!
David, quite a wonderful sculptor of sport fish both in wood and bronze, was so easy to talk with, I felt at the end of the day that we had known each other for years. So, tomorrow it will be some outdoor shooting, on 'location' as they say, with me doing some field sketching and continuing the discussion from today. More images tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating for me to see your studio with the camera crews at work. Hopefully weather cooperates today with the outdoors part. Congratulations in being selected! Do inquire how interested folks might see the documentary or if copies are available.

I can pick up the spark (excitement) with the crews and the camaraderie of fellow artists. Brought back memories of the TV crews and Philadelphia photographers in school when honored with the national Hero in Education Award in 97.