Friday, July 15, 2005

Unfortunately, the morning broke with overcast skies and by the time the crew got to my place, it was drizzling quite a bit. We reshot some stuff in the studio and by the time that was 'in the can', the mist had let up enough for us to head out to one of my favorite local (about 6 minutes from my studio) spots, Hashawha Park. With the skies being so grey, there was no one there when we arrived and the guys, Colby and Ofer, began to set up for the first shots, while David (right) looked on. I took advantage of the time to wonder around and get a few shots for reference. Then we got on with the filming.

The four of us were the only ones at the park, except for a passing parade of a Canada goose family.

After about a half hour of 'action stuff', the guys shot a few stills of David and I. I must be saying something important?

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